Scott Jiang


Scott Jiang brings 15+ years of cross functional leadership experience across both international and regional supply chain management. His expertise is primarily in Strategic Sourcing from Far-East regions, Vendor base analysis and risk management, transportation network design, Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP) development and implementation. Scott is fluent in both English and Chinese which provides him with a unique advantage in managing today’s Global supply chain that requires accurate business and culture awareness

Scott is a motivator and talent builder who has led both Global and North America based cross functional teams to add huge value to organization’s top and bottom lines. Scott is known for his leadership and communication skills in a corporate environment focused on “Principle, Strategy and Solution” 

Scott graduated from Elmhurst University in Chicago with two Masters of Science degrees in business administration and supply chain management. He also earned his Six Sigma Black Belt with International Quality Institution. He enjoys fishing, hiking and cooking for his family during the weekends. 

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