Dave Jones


Dave Jones was previously a Sales Vice President at Kellogg’s. He was accountable for linking the customer’s priorities with Kellogg strategies and initiatives across multiple trade channels.

Integrity, authenticity, industry expertise, customer knowledge, results driven leader with an accountability to deliver.

I possess a unique combination of successful sales expertise, strategic planning, high level executive contacts and the ability to tap into a professional network across the retail industry to accomplish all your goals.  My experience as both a hands-on sales leader and interfacing with CEO’s and Presidents of both the Kellogg Company and our largest customers enables me to be a strong overall leader for your company.  

Sales Leadership, Growth & Customer Development

Sales and brand growth for our clients is our core mission. Our deeply experienced network of consultants can develop your winning strategy. We have expertise across Drug, Dollar, Club, Discount, Mass, Convenience, Alternate Channels and traditional retail ranging from large chains, super regionals to strong independent grocers nationally. We can develop plans to assist you in launching new products or improving existing products sales in specific markets across all channels to drive trial, repeat, along with understanding competitive pressures.

Contact me with your opportunity and let’s get started on solutions to grow your business.  

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