we stand with our passion,
driving excellence in all that
we do.

Who Are We?

Demand Chain AI, Inc. is a company of experienced professionals who want to solve problems differently. 1,000 years plus of high-performing corporate experience across US and Global markets, colleagues who trust one another and whom you can trust.

Classically trained across the business fundamentals, but also externally focused to identify and leverage the latest new and innovative methods to achieve results.  Our team possesses a deep cultural understanding of large organizations’ pain points as well as the difficulties that small organizations’ face, as they face the ever-increasing challenges of achieving results.  Our team members thrived as they lived it, and through it all have achieved many successes. Now, we offer our expertise to your organization.

Results are what matters to us — the right results for your business to drive growth and prosperity. We make it happen for your organization.

We have a diverse set of skills including innovation, Supply Chain, Sales and Marketing, E-commerce, and Consumer Understanding, and all are supported by Innovative Process, Data, and Analytics concepts and strategies. In addition to our principals, we have amassed an extensive network of resources and partners that complement and support our skills from strategic to tactical executions. We only align ourselves with colleagues who have deep subject matter expertise and share our values.

In addition, our experience in data and advanced analytics are enabling us to bring exciting new AI and ML solutions to solve age-old problems.  The age of digital transformation and we welcome the opportunity to help lead our clients through this multi-step journey!  

You may only need one of our experts, but all of us are invested in your success!


Vision & Mission

 We are a firm that provides solutions and services to deliver sustainable results for our clients.  We accomplish this through a unique demand-driven approach using our deep expertise, extensive experience, and broad capabilities in strategy, process, data, technology and advanced analytics.

Demand Chain AI delivers results through a unique demand-driven, customer focused approach.