Gary Piwko


Gary Piwko is an expert in Reverse Logistics. He held the position of Director, Remarketing and Returns Management at Kellogg USA for 15 years. He has almost 40 years’ combined experience in the fields of Reverse Logistics, Sales, Quality, and Packaging.

Gary contributed to teams that delivered significant financial savings, reduced waste, and improved customer relationships. He understands how to navigate complex situations, achieve executive support, and align constituents.

Gary has experience collaborating with customers and auditing services. He was a long-term leader with industry associations representing unsaleables, food waste reduction, and food banking.

Gary focuses on these areas of Reverse Logistics:

  • Executive leadership and alignment
  • Clear accountability with measurable goals
  • Policies and processes
  • Transparency in sharing information

Regular cadence for reviews, planning, and action

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