Jack Conybear


Over the past 40 years, Jack has led teams in retail supply chain, CPG manufacturing, business solutions, and industrial engineering.  He spent the last 18 years in customer supply chain and business solutions roles supporting the world’s largest retailer.  He has directed US and International supply chain functions for Kellogg’s and a replenishment-focused customer supply chain team for KIK Consumer Products, the leading US supplier of private-label bleach.  Most recently, Jack guided his KIK team through the turbulence of supplying virus-killing products in a pandemic as demand outstripped supply, pivoting from the refinement of store in-stock performance to the daily management of orders and transportation shortfalls.

Jack’s leadership roles include Director of Customer Supply Chain, Manufacturing Plant Manager, Senior Industrial Engineer, and Information Systems Manager, through which he honed his skills in Process Optimization, Production Planning and Scheduling, Collaborative Problem-Solving, and Project Management.  In addition to his work with Kellogg’s and KIK, Jack has succeeded in positions with Procter & Gamble, RJR Nabisco, Schreiber Foods, and Emery Worldwide.

Jack is leading projects and problem-solving efforts in various business settings and is focused on:

  • Optimizing Supplier Reliability in the retail supply chain.
  • Recruiting, training, and developing customer-centric supply chain / replenishment resources and building supplier replenishment teams. 
  • Gathering and analyzing demand, inventory, production, and shipping data to create plans and schedules that maximize product flow and enhance profitability.
  • Managing projects and process changes that improve service performance, from product supply and manufacturing through on-shelf availability in retail stores
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