Ray Smith


Ray Smith has been involved in the food industry for over 40 years.  His early years were focused on food quality & food safety in the cookie & cracker and candy manufacturing industries.  In 2017 Ray retired from United Sugars Corporation as Vice President, Quality & Warehousing after over 16 years’ responsibility for various areas of quality & food safety for the enterprise, along with managing 3rd party transfer sites, co-packers, and warehouses, management of three company owned storage and transfer facilities, as well as leading the safety efforts for United Sugars. 

Ray has implemented numerous liquid sugar and bulk sugar transfer sites around the country has worked with many nationally known food companies to optimize their unloading and transfer systems.  His last big achievement at United Sugars was as a member of the team responsible for the design and implementation of the new United Sugars Montgomery, IL storage and transfer facility (known as “the dome”).  After retiring, Ray worked with an engineering company in the sales and development of sugar handling systems at client food companies.  Over the last two years, he has been the director with a food company, directing their quality, quality documents, and safety departments.

Ray also has extensive experience with continuous improvement and sustainability.  Through implementation of creative problem solving, he has worked many food companies to implement improvement and troubleshooting processes aimed at optimizing sugar handling and management systems in plant operations. 

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