Stephanie A. (Desanti) Verza


Stephanie brings 15 years of experience in account management and sales with a multitude of selling philosophies in her toolbox and a specialization in qualification and discovery. “I always say I am a door opener and a door closer, but the truth is I ask a lot of very strategic questions in between!”  Her background has been in supply chain, logistics, trade compliance, hardware and software. With ARR and long term relationships being a driving force in her consultative style.

She has sold into very large multi-national organizations all the way down to small businesses and everything in between. With experience selling into Operations, Finance, IT, HR and Marketing and into many different industries including technology, semi-conductor, electronics manufacturing, healthcare, bio-science, banks and food and beverage companies. She uses both top down and bottom up strategies and has an uncanny knack to go up and talk to just about anyone!

Across her career she has won many awards, including Top Salesperson in the Nation, Top Sales of New Products Nationally and Top Net New Logo Acquisition. In her spare time she loves to travel internationally, visit museums, listen to Bossa Nova and get out in nature with her Fiancé, his daughter, her 2 kids and their 3 dogs.

“I am thrilled to be joining DCAI especially at the phase AI and ML is being adopted in CPG. I am looking forward to expanding our footprint further into the CPG industry and am very confident we can drive DCAI’s revenue and expansion into multiple markets as the use cases start to present themselves.” 

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