Tamara Skis


As a Delaware resident, Tamara Skis is proud to be a Blue Hen graduate of the University of Delaware where she completed her bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. As a working professional, she received her master’s degree in Engineering Management from Arkansas State University.

She considers herself an entrepreneur and enjoys finding creative and simple solutions to problems. She has 10 years’ experience in quality and operations management, new product development and industrialization, and data-based decision making.

Ms. Skis has spent part of career as a manufacturing engineer, where she was able to evaluate, transform and implement process changes that became a global standard for multiple production sites. She has also been part of a new product launch team, where she was responsible for designing manufacturing process flow. As part of the product launch, she implemented a pull signaling system through simple visual management to empower the production team to run themselves.

Outside of work, Ms. Skis is an avid reader. She enjoys spending time outdoors swimming and fishing. In 2021, she became a certified SCUBA diver and looks forward to new dive opportunities. Ms. Skis is always looking for new ways to serve her community and volunteer her time

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